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SIDO 2016, Lyon, France


April 2016. The FIESTA-IoT project participated at the Salon de l’Internet des Object (SIDdO) as part of the IoT Village. SIDO is an industrial centred event for IoT professionals, and is attended by large companies and SMEs highlighting their products and services in the IoT domain. There was significant activity at the event (50 sessions, 200 speakers, 200 exhibitors); […]

FIESTA-IoT achieves semantic interoperability b...

FIESTA-IoT achieves semantic interoperability between FIWARE and OneM2M

Between December 9th and 11th 2015, FIESTA participated in an ETSI M2M workshop in Sophia Antipolis. Here, FIESTA partners (from Easy Global Market, NEC, and KETI) presented a semantic interoperability demo between technologies conforming to the FIWARE open standards and technologies conforming to the OneM2M standards. The ability to achieve semantic interoperability at the data level between […]

FIESTA-IoT @ FIRE Forum 2015

FIESTA-IoT @ FIRE Forum 2015

FIESTA will be actively participating in the upcoming FIRE Forum. The objective of this FIRE Forum 2015 is to bring together representatives of FIRE projects, the European Commission and other stakeholders and initiatives to discuss the further development of experimental facilities, research and innovation, and how a federated European experimental infrastructure will drive innovation. This […]

2015 Open IoT Summer School

2015 Open IoT Summer School

FIESTA co-hosted the 2015 Open IoT Summer School in Galway The 2015 Open Internet of Things Summer School is an event co-organized by the OpenIoT, City Pulse, VITAL and FIESTA consortiums following the EU IERC-Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (2015 IERC IoT-SRIA) with focus on providing insights about the solution(s) for Federation, Service Openness and […]

FIESTA-IoT @ Digital Catapult Event, London

FIESTA-IoT @ Digital Catapult Event, London

FUTURE INTERNET OPPORTUNITIES FOR INNOVATIVE EUROPEAN BUSINESSES, London, UK, March 9th, 2015 The main objective of this workshop was to give the opportunity to innovative Small and Medium ICT Businesses and Startups to discover and understand how the Future Internet Research and Experimentation (FIRE)  EC Programme can help boost their innovation efforts and reduce time […]