DWQA QuestionsCategory: QuestionsFiesta API extremely slow to reply ?
Osvaldo Santos asked 2 years ago

My name is Osvaldo Santos, I’m currently working in the OC3 project Energy IoT.
I’m experiencing serious problems when I try to use the fiesta API. The authentication process works fine, but when I try to query the API, the replies take several minutes to arrive and most of the times they simply timeout.
This happens with SPARQL queries and Endpoints, using the Postman examples. I was able to get a single endpoint observation, but it took 15 minutes!
Is this a platform problem or am I doing something wrong?
Osvaldo Santos

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fiestaiot Staff answered 2 years ago

As the platform continues to grow to support more and more users – it does from time to time face scalability issues. The slowness of this response is because of these issues. However, we are working to improve the performance and responsiveness of the platform in order to better support ongoing experiments.

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