DWQA QuestionsCategory: QuestionsHow to get new pan card in second time?
williamlus asked 2 years ago

I need pan card for applying loan for start the new business. I am willing to start the business in my name. My father is managing the business as individual. But i am getting family i need to save the property and money for my child. So i have decided to start the business in India. I need to ask loan in bank. I am getting all required details. But i am not getting pan card. I have already applied pan card and got previous years. Some days before my pan card are damaged. I need new one.
I have requested new duplicate pan card in online. Old pan card is not available in my hand. How to apply bank loan without pan card? It is possible to apply? And also i need the information and tips for collect my new pan card. If i need my pan card next week. I will go to the bank next week for meet the bank manager. So please tell the way quickly. Is it possible for collect new pan card instead of damaged pan card? What are the required details are needed to submit it? Please friends i need your help very urgently. I hope only you. So please tell me the way quick and fast way here.
I am looking the best answer for my problem.  I have read some of Pan card related issues and solutions in online. But i cannot get any correct answer. I am applying loan already. Without pan card loan cannot be given for me. It is common rule for all customers in that bank. Please help me to collect the loan amount for starting my new business. It is my aim goal. So I am getting more interest to my business for managing each and every action in my own business

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selocan aa answered 1 year ago

secenteknik answered 1 year ago

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